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For the last 15 years, West 49 has supported Canadian skateboarding in every respect. So this year, we're going all out. Over the course of the last 6 years we've released 3 team DVD's with footage we collected from our Flow Team skaters. This year, we've decided to shoot a full video project of our own and post it online. Spots are on lock, boards are gripped, and batteries are charged. Check out the Bro-Cam and Blog to keep up with us on the road as we bring you the best of our team with guest appearances from our homies along the way.

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Latest from the Blog:

Go Skate!

All across Canada West 49 helped put on a bunch of events at parks and street spots to keep kids motivated and to stoke newcomers to the mix. The Peterborough ON crew put this together for you. Enjoy.

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Justin Fabus: Vagrant Skateboards Welcome Video

Justin Fabus from Brampton is welcomed to San Diego’s Vagrant Skates.. check his youtube welcome out.. also featured on lowcard etc. Pretty sweet Justin!

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Want to get on?

Every month we get dozens of sponsor me videos in the mail, email, and through facebook. Over the past 6 months, we’ve heard about Trevon Casselmanfrom Cobourg, and he’s now put his best stuff together for you to peep. It’s a no brainer to put a kid like this on the West 49 Flow Team, and he should inspire you to get a hot promo together if you’re thinking of joining our family.  His homey Ricky Gouin came along last Go Skate Day and has been a  good dude to add to the mix, contests and what not. That whole Peterborough store has the goods with long timer Coy Calver and new jack James Willis rounding it out.

If you think you’ve got a good enough promo to send in, let’s see it. Hit us on our facebook page

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